Home Automation

We offer market leading home and building automation systems which seamlessly control all your electrical equipment. Our team comprises of highly skilled technicians that can offer a multitude of technical design solutions. We use KNX products and AV systems, functional, invisible and intuitive to use.

What is Automation?

Automation is the way forward in home and building electrical control technology. Referred to as BMS (Building management system) or BAS (building automation system), computer control systems are installed into a building during its construction or renovation that can control and monitor a building’s electrical systems:

Lighting control
Heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC
Security system
Fire alarm systems
Audio Systems such as speakers or PA systems
Access control for example doors, gates and elevators
Centralised AV
Energy management
Renewable integration
Blind and curtain control

We use the market leader of home and building automated products.

Why Automate?

We want to create the perfect environment for you, whether that’s at the home or the office.

Flexible and energy efficient lighting controls, allows you to create the right lighting for any part of the day and occasion. Whether you are in the building or away from it.
Integrated audio systems allows the user to listen to their own music collection or radio stations, anywhere within the building.

Control of the internal environment whilst monitoring the external temperature to ensure the climate is always just right. These can be pre-fixed and set for individual rooms and ready to come on, just when you need it. Saving you money and time.

Remote door access calls your phone enabling you to take in deliveries without being there.

Our integrated AV system hides all AV equipment out of site, no ugly boxes sat under your TV.

Remote access to CCTV allowing you to check your premises whilst you are away.

No need to use light switches with KNX or PIR’s ( Domestic and commercial) light switch automation.

Our smoke detection system gets triggered, all lights can come on to a predefined brightness to assist in your safe evacuation.

Ready to impress guests with the wow factor of entertainment. Press one button, the blinds shut, the lights dim, the projector screen comes down and you're ready for the game or film.

Everything is finger-tipped controlled via a tablet, or smart phone.

Monitor your energy consumption in real time.

Fire and security systems can be monitored continuously and linked out to corresponding emergency services.

In the case of rented properties it allows for easier access and control and more detailed information for billing purposes.

Home automation systems act as remote fault diagnostic tool. It can pinpoint faults, detecting issues earlier and improving maintenance speed to properties.